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Fill out the form below, or if you would rather print, fill out by hand, then take it to your chosen nursery, click the link on the right to get a copy (or bottom if on a mobile device).

Also, ensure you have read the terms and conditions on the right (or bottom if on a mobile device).

If the form times out, or you get error message, do not panic! Just press back on your browser and the information you filled out will come back.


Basic Information

Details of Parents/Guardians

Father’s Details

Mother’s Details

Other Emergency Contact

Authorised People

Medical Details

Further Family/Child Details


Below select the days and times you need, ensuring you select correctly between All Year and Term Time.

All Year

Term Time

* Swaythling (Bursledon Rd) 9–11:30

** Freemantle (Waterloo Rd) 12:30-3:30, Sholing (Bursledon Rd) 1-4, Swaythling (Burgess Rd) 12:20-2:50, Shirley (Howard Rd) 12:30-3

Additional Information


Permission for Photographs

Photographs and videos of your child are taken for use within the nursery, for display purposes and to record observations of activities.

Additionally, from time to time, we use appropriate photographs and video images of children outside the nursery.

Permission for Local Outings

Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment

The Nursery reserves the right to take a child to hospital or to a doctor in the event of an emergency. By agreeing below, you are providing permission for the nursery to do so. The Nursery will make every reasonable effort to ensure a child’s well-being but cannot accept responsibility for medical problems.

Permission for Observations

Our assessment of your child’s progress is based on continuous observations. These are used to identify next steps in each child’s learning. Observations are maintained in your child’s records which are shared with you and are always available for you to view. Your permission is required for our staff to record and retain observations of your child. By agreeing below, you agree to provide this permission.


I have read and agree to the terms and conditions (click here to read) for Nursery Placement and give my permission for my child to be cared for by Paint Pots under these terms. I confirm that the information on this form is accurate and that I will advise the nursery of any changes.