Bringing joy, care and friendship as part of a big family

Paint Pots is a family and like all families it has changed and grown over the last 20 years or so. Details of our history can be found below, but it is now a thriving network of 6 nurseries and 7 pre-schools, in Southampton and Hampshire, well-known for having an inclusive loving and homely environment, which is safe, secure and stimulating.

Our aim is for Paint Pots to have a positive impact on all those with whom we come into contact. This means promoting self respect, and care for each other. We are part of a charity and our work is driven by a set of core values about bringing joy, care and friendship, in an environment which is full of love, laughter and learning.

Absolutely lovely nursery school, such wonderful ladies looking after my son. Very clean and well looked after nursery. Great little play area out the back. Lots of adventures to go on.


Working for the best possible outcomes

From a pot of paint comes unlimited possibilities. We know that every child is unique and special, and all have the potential to produce their own masterpieces. With this in mind, we have high expectations of all children, and our dedicated staff work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for them in partnership with parents and carers. We assess progress and plan activities to support each child at every stage of their development. In doing this, in an environment which we like to call a home-from-home, we aim to promote confidence, kindness, and resilience, preparing them not just for school but for the rest of their lives.

Paint Pots is part of Launchpad Social Enterprise which is a charity and part of the Anglican (Church of England) Diocese of Winchester. We seek in our nurseries and pre-schools to have a broad and inclusive Christian ethos similar to church schools that respects those of all faiths and none. All our settings are open to everyone. At its heart, Paint Pots puts children first and we want to have a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on their lives, that makes a difference.

Our History

Anna Wright pictured in 1993 when Paint Pots was originally founded.

How we started

Paint Pots was originally founded by David and Anna Wright in 1993. Their passion, energy and commitment to early years is legendary. They built up Paint Pots from a nursery in their house to what became a family of 9 settings. In 2000, Paint Pots Pre-school & Nursery was established as it moved into separate premises in Waterloo Road, Freemantle. New settings were gradually added across the Southampton area, all within easy travelling distance. As it has grown, staff have worked continuously to ensure each one of our settings, nursery, preschool or after-school provision, retains the homely, caring atmosphere that we believe is the outworking of our motto: ‘Love, Laughter and Learning’. In 2022, David and Anna retired but they remain involved and committed to early years and work as Paint Pots Ambassadors.

A new era

On 1st Feb 2022, Paint Pots became part of Launchpad Social Enterprise (LSE), which owned three pre-schools in Hampshire, and which shares a similar set of values to those of David and Anna. We now have a total of 13 settings most in the City of Southampton with some based in different areas around Hampshire. We can’t promise we will never lose a sock; that we will never send home the wrong shoes, coat bags etc, but we can promise that the children we care for will always have a cuddle when they need one, will be given the opportunity to make a mess, jump, climb, sing, learn and laugh.